Monday, December 13, 2010

Double Trouble - Part 2

Double Trouble - Part 2
If you are gonna have two, why not both at once
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Title Card

1. I need to go to Delhi urgently. Boys will give company while eating
2.One week we can enjoy as per our wish. we need to cut the classes

3. I think you both have lot of ideas for pass the time

4. Pants were slipped easilly as it was very loose after he touched that.

5. If he ponder like this while sitting i cant manage,i need to stand.

6. I will come quickly from the college. Do somethig hot that time.

7. Where you got this sexy tight fitting cute dress?

8. I dreamt to suck like this from the first day i see you.

9. I like when my stick travelling in between your mounts.

10. Feels good when your toungue touches my stick.

11. From Afternoon, I am wet. Give all your liquid

12. This time I am not satisfied, Need to wait for the another chance

13. I wake up in the early morning to go one round with you.

14. I guess it is going to deliver full in my mouth.

15. Now its time for you to ride on me like a horse.

16. Bad Timings. Need to workout something else to correct these guys.

17. Today is our 4th annivesary. But he never called me.

18. Lets play 3 cards. No money that will be as gambling.

19. Lets bet with our dress. That will be interesting

20. I guess tonight you both will go out of the apartments with out any dress

21. If this game continues i can achieve what ever i am thinking.

22. I feel shy, Can you help me to remove my bra?

23. Let us play one more game, that will be the finals

24. You are the winner. Now I will give my speacil gift to you both.

25. I will take both of yours in my mouth. That is your prize

26. Varun First, But Tharun will get jeleaous of us. So both together

27. Earlier experience of having two at a time.

28. You both splash it all over my body. I love that.

29. How do you feel when bottom and up boh engaged at the same time?

30. Ashok calling you attend the call otherwise he will suspect you.

31. How talented this savitha was? Taggling 3 people same time!

32. Are you playing for money? No, We playing for bajji, bonda, vadai, paniyaaram

33. Varuns fingers did the magic of making more waters under.

34. Dont cum so quickly. Lot of holes are there to play with.

35. Insert Front and back. Fill up the holes

36. ok savitha aunty, we will come regularly in this week here.

37. You both filled up. lot of excitement after a long time

38. Those two boys make this as immemoroable week.

The End. We will meet savitha in next story.

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