Friday, September 24, 2010

At Lingery Shop

Page 1 - Want gString shopping, Sexy Massage Later Manoj

Page 2 - Oh! Salesman Vikki, Tasted me at my home

Page 3 - Siliky Transperant Bra Available

Page 4 - Room three, There only we have security Camera

Page 5 - If he see my bare boobs, his dick will dance

Page 6 - My old lover Jhon, How come here ??

Page 7 - Remembering the days that jhon sucked my nipples

Page 8 - Help me to select Bra, panties for my wife

Page 9 - What is your wife Bra Size ?

Page 10 - Now it became big. See what you missed in this time.

Page 11 - Turn that side ya, Changing bra now

Page 12 - Nice, If possible show with this panties also

Page 13 - Not able to open the knot in my in-skirt

Page 14 - What are you doing down there?

Page 15 - For long time I didn't licked any pussy

Page 16 - Inside college class room I made your panties wet

Page 17 - After he finished then my turn to take her

Page 18 - You are very good at licking down there

Page 19 - Only one time we can do fast, Turn and bend down

Page 20 - My dick going inside your pussy, very deep

Page 21 - your boobs are like oranges with out the skin

Page 22 - Every time my dick going deeper as your pussy getting wet

Page 23 - I am going to cum, Wht should do?

Page 24 - Splash your cum in my mouth, I swallow

Page 25 - Dick hittng my throat, in and out

Page 26 - I can feel the hot cum floating through my throat

Page 27 - The cum looks greats in taste

Page 28 - Thanks You satisfied me completely

Page - 29 - Dont pay. I will collect the money at your home.

Page 30 - Yes I have already seen that.

The End

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