Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sex Express

1. I got the prize for the beauty contest, you are busy

2. Uninvited friend on the way

3. I know what he is thinking in his mind

4. I like to taste this rounded balls all the time

5. Lets find our place in the train quickly

6. Let my friends stay here for a while until we sleep

7. What is inside my blouse?

8. Lets go to our compartment, Jai will stay with savitha

9. Don't you have a girl friend ?

10. Do you masturbate when you are in the sexy mood ?

11. I will help you by moving my jackets more down

12. Come and touch this. feel it. how soft it is ?

13. Remove my jacket completely

14. You bra gives your body smell

15. Dont Rush. We have the whole night, Go smoothly

 16. If you show patience, I will give you more chance

17. Press this slowly and smoothly. Get feel of it

18. What will you think off when you fantacize urself

19. I like to watch sexy videos on youtube.

20. First start from here. Suck this

21. I want to see you completly with out any dress

22. What is going on here. Use 2 fingers now.

23. Take your balls and suck it yourself.

24. Spray your water all over your body.

25. I will bend like this. Insert from my back

 26. Insert it fast. This is your first time.

27. Now do it in front. I want ro see yours going inside.

28. Having fun in the train is always good. 

29. Nearing the Climax. Best of life

30. She very talented. She turned express train as a sexpress train

The End. Meet you all in next episode

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